Zumba with Marlyse, where do I begin? I've done a lot of different physical activity in my life and never felt like I do after Zumba with Marlyse. It is the most amazing dance party you could ever want to join. I can't wait to get there and I don't want the hour to come to an end. Zumba makes me happy. It releases all my stress, it's like taking a happy pill. You can't help but love Marlyse. She has so much passion for Zumba that you will sing along with her too.

We love you Marlyse!
Ann Marie Rose - Stay at Home Mom
Since taking my first zumba class with Marlyse over a year ago, I have lost over 10 pounds, several inches and am more toned with higher energy levels than I ever had before. Her love for all her students and her ability to make everyone feel special keeps people returning to her classes. Her unique style with her own natural brazilian flavour makes her the favorite of zumba teachers for many. Zumba with Marlyse is such a fun, feel good, high energy class that everyone enjoys and you don’t see anyone looking at the clock to see when the class will end as all are thoroughly enjoying her class. To see many people who take her classes losing weight & toning inspires many to keep going, so whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro come join the party and enjoy the fastest growing group fitness class in North America. See you there :)
Debbie Clarke - Retired

I started Zumba because I liked the music and was looking for a way to get some exercise. I have been overweight for about eight years and was never enthusiastic about working out or going to the gym. For me, Zumba has become a huge part of my life. I enjoy Zumba so much, it doesn’t matter if you do every move perfectly or not. Everyone is at different fitness levels, so it is up to you how hard you want to push yourself.
Marlyse encourages you, and makes you want to work harder. She brings so much energy to her classes that you want to keep going long after the hour is over. She is the Zumba energizer bunny!!
I have made so many friends that it’s like going to a big party. You have such a good time and you are in an incredible mood when you are done a class. Zumba isn’t a dance class it is a fitness class. You are having so much fun that you do not realize how hard you are working your muscles. What I have discovered about Zumba is that I have lost inches off my body and my clothes are falling off me. The funny thing is that now I go to Zumba because I like it and the bonus is that I’m losing weight! I’m losing it without going on a crazy diet or doing extreme exercises. I’m having so much fun ….. Zumba is a blast!!!
My name is Chrissie (Bookeeper) and I LOVE ZUMBA!!

Thank you Marlyse for your enthousiasm and energenic Zumba classes.  I am attending your classes four to five times per week as part of my weight loss program.  Along with my diet and your Zumba classes, I have now lost 20 pounds!  Going to your Zumba classes is not even like doing exercises; it's like a Party, it's 100% fun!  I would encourage others to try it, they will get hooked as I did!
Chantal Landry

Zumba is the best workout in the last 5 years. You'll sweat and burn calories, while having a BLAST in the first 5 minutes. Each class transports you to a Latin Island where fun and flavor are on the menu!  Marlyse adds spice and motivation to each workout! Her Brazilian flavor makes each class a Zumba party! She will motivate you to tone, burn and dance your way to a better body!
Laura Williamson, teacher

My name is Tamara Goff, I am a small animal veterinarian. A busy career can make it very difficult to be healthy. I have tried everything on my own to stay in shape but I couldn't lose a single pound and I was very tired of not seeing results. I started taking Zumba with Marlyse a year and a half ago. Marlyse's Zumba classes are fun, heart-pumping and you get lost in the music. She makes it very easy to learn the steps, shows you different levels of intensity and she always has a few new songs and choreographies each week. The hour is so much fun it flies by without your even knowing it! Marlyse makes everyone feel welcome and self-confident regardless of age or body-type. Her energy is infectious and its impossible to leave her class without a big smile on your face. I have lost 30 pounds and I am still going strong. I feel energetic and happy and motivated to be healthy and be fit. Marlyse's Zumba classes have given me a new lease on life! Join the Zumba party! Thank-You Marlyse! "

We had a family Zumba party for my 35th birthday. Everyone had so much fun and couldn’t stop talking about it afterwards! Marlyse was wonderful. We got the true Brazilian experience. Great for the whole family... The youngest participant was 5 and the oldest was 50 and everything in between... I highly recommend a Zumba party for your next birthday. It’s very affordable and so much fun!
Thanks Marlyse for the lasting memories ...
Dr. Sarah J. Lord, Ph.D. - Health & Coordinator  Jean Coutu Pharmacy Riverview