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Winner 2013
(Nominated by her students)
Extract from nomination letter:
Marlyse has a genuine ability to inspire women to appreciate own self-worth by taking time to know each of her students individually.  She teaches us that we are “amazing just the way we are” (PS - this is one of her closing songs-she makes this song real for every one of us).  She has a natural gift of making everyone feel special.  She always greets us with a smile and a hug, her positive attitude and energy are contagious.
Marlyse h
as the talent to create a party atmosphere in her classes and make fitness enjoyable. Many of her students have been with her since the beginning.  Her classes not only bring people together for fitness, but many of her students have created friendships that extend beyond the Zumba class.












Cathy Donaldson for the TIMES & TRANSCRIPT

(April 14th, 2011), where she mentions the importance of music in our workout. " ...I've reflected a lot on the importance of great music when it comes to exercise motivation. I've realized that I'll not only work harder when listening to my favourite upbeat tunes - choice tracks can almost melt away workout pain. Take Jennifer Lopez's latest hit On The Floor.
When Zumba instructor Marlyse Loureiro played the song at a recent Y Zumba class, I jumped higher, punched harder and squatted lower."


Times & Transcript - Moncton - March 1st, 2011

Ventured to Riverview to try another 'dancey' activity that has seniors and boomers staying active.
I popped by a Zumba Gold class held in the Small Hall on Lakeside Drive, behind the Byron Dobson Arena. The class, offered by the Town of Riverview on Mondays and Fridays from noon to 12:45, is open to seniors, pregnant women and those who have not been physically active in awhile.
If you're not familiar with Zumba, you might recall my October column about the Latin-inspired dance-fitness craze, which I penned after a visit to Moncton's Fit for Her.
Prior to that experience, I had once tried a Zumba class at the YMCA of Greater Moncton with Brazilian-born instructor Marlyse Loureiro. I still remember her wild enthusiasm and how she sang along to many of the traditional Latin songs played during the workout, which really seemed to give the class an extra zip.
So when I recently entered Riverview's Small Hall for Zumba Gold, I was thrilled to see Marlyse at the helm!
For the Zumba Gold session, she definitely kept the tempo a bit slower than her regular classes but you'll still need your water bottle.
Again taking a spot near the back of the room, I began the warm-up with Marlyse and a group of 10 ladies who had been taking the classes for some time.
Thankfully, Marlyse took pity on me, giving a quick primer on steps before each song. Though I didn't quite catch everything she said because of her beautiful accent, I heard enough to prevent complete embarrassment. Maybe.
After pumping our heart rates up with some simple up-and-back movements, Marlyse introduced us to some aerobic moves with a salsa rhythm.
From there, it was on to a sultry merengue, which Marlyse described as appearing "like you need to pee", though she stressed "don't really pee!" (Suffice to say, there were more than a few laughs.)
My water bottle was in need of a refill by the time we began a flamenco-inspired routine that involved a reaching-up-and-picking-an-apple motion, if I understood correctly. Then we did some pot-stirring actions to the upbeat Chocolate song that Zumba fans will no doubt know.
The pace changed slightly as we moved to a few Indian songs, requiring tree-chopping gestures and belly-dancish hip rotations.
It was only when I came up for air during the stretches of the cool down that I realized how hard I'd been working, likely because Marlyse made it so much fun! (A seven on the Sweat-o-meter; a 10 on the Fun Factor scale!)
For more info on Zumba Gold in Riverview, call the Town's Parks and Recreation department at 387-2028.
As I later reflected on my dual expeditions over the week, I realized that dance has to be one of my favourite forms of aerobic activity. In addition to the pure health benefits, it makes you feel good about yourself.
Take some time to trip the light fantastic - you'll be glad you did!